Pancasila: Jurnal Keindonesiaan (PJK) is scientific journal published biannually (April & October) by Badan Pembinaan Ideologi Pancasila (BPIP), Republic of Indonesia. PJK constitutes an international journal to facilitate researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to contribute their scientific works on latest theoretical and practical aspects of social phenomena and policy. PJK includes multidiciplinary studies with respect to History of Pancasila; Ideology of Pancasila; Philosophy of Pancasila, Democracy of Pancasila; Economy of Pancasila, Constitutional Law, Human Rights; Citizenship (Kewarganegaraan). The journal is an open-access journal which can be accessed and downloaded online and for free.  PJK is published semi-annually in April and October. The manuscripts will have to go through a peer-blind review process as an attempt for high objectivity. Academics, researchers, policy makers, and practitioners are cordially encouraged and welcome to submit their manuscripts at PJK (

Vol. 2 No. 2 (2022): VOLUME 2 NOMOR 2 OKTOBER 2022

ISSN:2797-3921 (Print)  2797-3018 (Online)
First Publication: 2021
Language: Indonesia and English
Publisher: Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (Badan Pembinaan Ideologi Pancasila)
Publishing Model: Open Access
Duration: Approx. 90 days of submission to decision
Frequency: 2 issues per year (April, October)
Geographical Diversity:  Indonesia, Singapura, Malaysia, Sweden

Published: 2022-09-05

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Abstract views: 269 , PDF downloads: 254

Ensuring a Turning Point with Political Ideology and Cultural Knowledge to Achieve the 2045 Vision

Mansurni Abadi, Nicho Hadi Widjaja, Shahrial Bin Ishak, Peter Olausson


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Abstract views: 206 , PDF downloads: 142
Abstract views: 224 , PDF downloads: 279

Pembudayaan Nilai-nilai Pancasila dalam Konsep Etika Ruang Digital di Era Post-Pandemi

Yayuk Hidayah, Ernawati Simatupang , Aprillio Poppy Belladonna


Abstract views: 427 , PDF downloads: 600
Abstract views: 124 , PDF downloads: 121
Abstract views: 114 , PDF downloads: 100
Abstract views: 105 , PDF downloads: 81

Determinisme Kiai Pancasilais dalam Perspektif Teori Kognitif Sosial Albert Bandura

Iwan Kuswandi, Mudiuddin Mudiuddin, Achmad As'ad Abd Aziz


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19th of April, 2022

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15th of July, 2022

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